Animal Spirit

Animal Spirit

Mink Coats

Fri · May 19, 2017

Doors: 10:00 pm / Show: 10:30 pm

$7 advance | $10 DOS (fees included)

Goes Great With: Best Coast, Tennis, Sleigh Bells, Purity Ring

Hazy, psychedelic surf rock tied together with gorgeous vocal harmonies and experimental drumming that transcends genres.

Animal Spirit
Animal Spirit
"This Is Relevant is a nine-song collection of thoughtfully arranged rock songs with jangly guitars shimmering over rhythms that ebb and crash like tidal shifts. The sophomore album of Fort Worth based band, Animal Spirit reflects the gritty nature inherent in their first release balanced perfectly with a refined vision and a sharper edge. With prominent emotive bass lines and experimental trans-genre drumming, This is Relevant explodes trippy and harmonious with a tip of the hat to 90s Pacific Northwest Indie Rock and psychedelic influences."

High energy and dynamic indie-rock with quick acid-beach guitar riffs, a prominent bass, experimental trans-genre drumming, and healthy doses of sex and dirt. Originating in Fort Worth, Texas, Animal Spirit was formed in mid-August of 2012 by Andrew Stroheker (guitar/vox), Sam Wuehrmann (vox, keys), Parker Anderson (drums/percussion/vox), and Joe Prankster (bass, vox). They enjoy long walks through the forest and may be found playing music at Fort Worth
venues such as Lola's Saloon, The Grotto, The Where House, and Live Oak Music Hall and Lounge.

WARNING: side affects may include lightheadedness, euphoria, dancing, and the sudden, unstoppable urge to float off the earth.We have started and we will end.Let the Spirit guide you. Everything is everything we're
all the same. Chemical reactions in our brains.
Mink Coats
Mink Coats is a collaborative effort on behalf of friends who venture deep into various creative outlets to explore the space and to fill the time of our collective conscious. In other words, they shred some gnar psychedelic garage/surf rock. In fewer words, they shred the gnar.
Venue Information:
Sundown at Granada
3520 Greenville Ave.
Dallas, TX, 75206