Doug Burr

Doug Burr

Claire Morales

Fri · May 12, 2017

Doors: 10:00 pm / Show: 10:30 pm

$13 advance | $15 DOS (Fees Included)

Goes Great With: Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, Elvis Costello, Neil Young

A masterpiece of modern folk/alt-country, Burr's ability to create a sense of mystery is what makes his music so hauntingly beautiful. 

Doug Burr
Doug Burr
Doug Burr did not wait five years to release a new album; he worked five years to release a new album: the highly anticipated Pale White Dove. He forged every song on it to his satisfaction, recording several demos along the way. The result, a grave album comprising equal parts burning coals and heartening joy, did not disappoint. Now Burr is releasing 11 of those recorded demos as companion pieces to the
original release in a packaged album called Pale White Dove Deluxe.

A song of any substance is never really finished. Songs are fickle creatures and rarely stand still. The best any musician can do is give you a snapshot of a thing in flux. With Pale White Dove Deluxe, Texas artist Doug Burr gives his listeners a dog-eared photo of every track in its adolescence, and a special look into
his meticulous songwriting process.

Except for a breath of harmonica, the demos are all guitar and vocals, every song off of Pale White Dove stripped down to bare metal. The demos are lyrically and structurally similar to their finished versions, but one can more plainly hear Burr thinking out loud, throwing ideas overhand against the wall. All 11demos stand like lonely forebears to their finished album versions. If Pale White Dove puts Doug Burr in the concert hall, the demos of Pale White Dove Deluxe place Doug Burr at the riverbank, conversing
alone with the dusk air.

The demos themselves sound so clear because, for Pale White Dove, Burr eschewed his old, hurried method of capturing demos on a handheld recording in favor of a studio setup with the help of Midlake’s Eric Pulido and bandmate Glen Farris. These were the shorn versions of songs that Burr would later clothe. The bare “First Son of Connecticut Blues” sounds like a raw, open wound and the “I See
Satan Fall Like Lightning” demo is as menacing as its full band counterpart. Some tunes sound like pensive ballads in the distant, open air while others feel close enough to trouble the hairs on your neck. Taken as a whole, they stand up as an album in their own right.

The release of Pale White Dove Deluxe is sure to please fans eager for more material from Burr. The same will find also a compelling look into the mind of songwriter and the beauty of art in kinesis.
Claire Morales
"Dreamy, melodic, indie-folk rocker Claire Morales has delivered a mind-blowing album, Amaranthine, that will leave you wishing there were more than 10 tracks. The very title of the album gives the listener an idea of what they are in for, as the definition of amaranthine is everlasting, eternally beautiful and unfading. Morales' vocals and lyrics evoke the kind of longing that leaves one remembering unrequited love and working through what it means to be human, to be an individual in a world filled with both beauty and pain.

"Morales' songs each tell a story, and while that can be said of most music, what stands out about this album is her ability to draw the listener in with the lush vibrancy of her voice. There is an almost 60s-like feel to the way that Morales' vocals and guitar work blend with Ryan Williams' bass and Russ Connell's drum work...There is a hazy element to the album reminiscent of being somewhere between dream land and being those first moments when one does not want to wake up just yet for fear of losing the beauty of the dream." - Ft. Worth TX Magazine

"Amaranthine sounds like Angel Olsen singing Jenny Lewis. She gets a sweet alt-country growl that warms up this Texas winter. "Waters Getting Low" rollicks in 3/4 time while Claire demonstrates her vocal control, breaking between falsetto and full voice showing worry and ache, longing and nostalgia. Dusty and new at the same time, her voice occupies an anxious in-between-ness of genres that glide from track to track; power pop, doo-wop, and country-gaze fill my L/R channels. Steady chord progressions show maturity from the band and their ability to develop an idea into sonic territory that occupies significant bandwith in an organic blissful state. I find sunlight easily when listening to Amaranthine. The album glows with positivity and forward thinking." - Pop Press International

"Resting somewhere near the hazy intersection of shoegaze, folk and rock, Denton-based singer-songwriter Claire Morales' debut LP Amaranthine bewitches from its opening moments.

Joined by bassist Ryan Williams and drummer Russ Connell, Morales...utilizes a kind of wounded beauty inherent in her convey vulnerability even as she maintains a slight reserve. The cumulative effect over these 10, lushly realized tracks is a riveting push-pull: Morales sinks the hook deep, singing evocatively of 'voices that overlap and beg to be heard over the thunder,' even as she keeps listeners at a remove. Vivid and frequently gorgeous — lose yourself in the gently cascading guitar figure opening Caravan — Amaranthine adds another troubadour of note to the ever-growing North Texas ranks." -

"…you'll be utterly entranced by acoustic clarity and mindful lyrics." - Dallas Observer
Venue Information:
Sundown at Granada
3520 Greenville Ave.
Dallas, TX, 75206