Callahan Divide

Callahan Divide

Tyler Rogers Band

Sat · July 8, 2017

Doors: 10:00 pm / Show: 10:30 pm

$10 advance | $13 DOS (fees included)

Goes Great With: Turnpike Troubadours, Dirty River Boys, Hayes Carll, Jason Isbell

This West-Texas country quartet makes you want to tune in and rock out with their high-energy performances

Callahan Divide
Callahan Divide
This isn't the Callahan Divide you remember, they are back with a brand new sound. "Once we stopped making music that we thought everyone wanted to hear and started just making the music we wanted to make, we found our sound", states Garrett Bryan, co-lead of the four piece. After spending several years beating the pavement and playing the circuit, the guys of Callahan Divide have turned a page and essentially started fresh with a brand new attitude about their careers. Long gone are the days of worrying about fitting into a box. Craig Vaughn the Program Director of KPUR in Amarillo had this to say about the band "with 'Poplar', Callahan Divide has successfully done what all bands strive to do at some point in their careers, they've broken new ground, but kept their identity. From Country, to rock to blues, Callahan Divide does is all on 'Poplar', and they do it all without losing their own unique sound that we've come to expect. This is a bad ass album that will be on my year end top 5 list". JJ Lester founding member of The Great Divide says "this is the best band band I've seen in 20 years".

Callahan Divide hasn't just broken new ground they have crossed the line with their newest release. The line between who everyone expects them to be and who they really are. They have arrived with “Poplar”. A thirteen track rollercoaster filled with twists, turns, spins and a couple of loops. Spending the last 6 or so years touring Texas and the surrounding states, they've grown and matured beyond the limits of their West Texas hometown, these four guys have created what they have always wanted - a true reflection of who they are musically. You can call it Rock. You can call it Country. You can call it Americana, you can even call it Blues; they don’t really care what box you want to check, as long as you know they don’t intend to live life inside of a box. “Poplar” is the definition of collaboration, with three band members penning the tracks, two lead vocalists and all of the members arranging the tracks. The magic of the collaborative effort doesn’t just stop there. With Jon Knudson (Whiskey Myers, The Damn Quails & JTNL) at the production helm, Emotion Brown (vocals & tambourine) on two tracks, Cody Cannon the lead singer of Whiskey Myers (harmonica) on one, Hank Early of Turnpike Troubadours (pedal steel) on a few other tracks and you have something truly special. Finish that off with Casey Di iorio from Valve Studios in Dallas, (who’s credits include Bowling For Soup & Dave Matthews Band just to name a few) mixing the project and Alan Douches mastering (his credits include - Fleetwood Mac, Deer Tick & HaHa Tonka, just to name a few) and you have what some are already calling one of the best albums of the year. Callahan Divide sends a clear message with this album - they are here to stay and they won’t be playing by anyone else’s rules.

Callahan Divide's star is rising. Some may feel like they are coming out of nowhere, but they have been working and building on this album and their incredible live show for years. Download the new album and hear for yourself, these guys are going to surprise you and you're going to love every minute of it.
Venue Information:
Sundown at Granada
3520 Greenville Ave.
Dallas, TX, 75206