Ocean Disco

1/2 Price Draft Beers

Ocean Disco

Tue · August 8, 2017

10:00 pm



This event is 21 and over

Goes Great With: STS9, The Malah, Tycho, DJ Shadow

Dance and funky grooves all night mixed with natural soundscapes.

Ocean Disco
Ocean Disco
Ocean Disco is Jack Hinson (drums/sequences), Dave Frenzel (guitar), Alex Donofrio (guitar) Austin Clements (bass).

The band was formed in Carbondale IL in 2010 playing music festivals around the midwest. Gaining inspiration from natural sounds from the ocean, and other like settings

Hinson's project Ocean Disco is influenced by and has been compared to artists such as STS9, Tycho, DJ Shadow, Ulrich Schnauss and the Scottish electronic music duo, Boards of Canada. Themes of nostalgia, longing, childhood and the natural world are interspersed throughout Ocean Disco's work. Brief interludes or vignettes also feature in his earlier work. Hinson selects and includes excerpts from broadcasts accompanied by atmospherics to capture a specific moment or mood. Overall, the mixture of electronic synths, live instrumentation, and old school sound clips creates a very relatable, organic sound.

Until forming Ocean Disco, Hinson worked as a solo artist and used the digital audio workstation, Ableton Live, to work with analog, virtual analog hardware, digital hardware and VSTI synthesizers as well as samples derived from live instrumentation, played by Hinson himself. He then added the live band, hybridizing the electronic music experience with the dynamic energy of a performance featuring live instrumentation. When performing, all the guitars are live, played either by Frenzel or Donofrio. Bass guitar is also always live. Drums are played live by Hinson, and lead synthesizers are also live. Hinson often plays drums while triggering samples with his foot. His goal is to find the balance between the fluid nature of a live show with artists playing physical instruments and the precision and ability to stay true to the album of electronic music
Venue Information:
Sundown at Granada
3520 Greenville Ave.
Dallas, TX, 75206